Question (9076) | Anti-68kDa Neurofilament/NF-L antibody [2F11] (ab8970)

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Customer would like to know what is recommended as a positive control for this antibody in Western blotting.


Positive control for ab8970: cell cultures of neural tissues. These are references for the controls: 1. Kluck, P., van Muijen, G. N., van der Kamp, A. W., Tibboel, D., van Hoorn, W. A., Warnaar, S. O., and Molenaar, J. C. (1984). Hirschsprung's disease studied with monoclonal antineurofilament antibodies on tissue sections, Lancet 1, 652-4. 2. Van Muijen, G. N., Ruiter, D. J., van Leeuwen, C., Prins, F. A., Rietsema, K., and Warnaar, S. O. (1984). Cytokeratin and neurofilament in lung carcinomas, Am J Pathol 116, 363-9. 3. Breckenridge, L. J., Sommer, I. U., and Blackshaw, S. E. (1997). Developmentally regulated markers in the postnatal cervical spinal cord of the opossum Monodelphis domestica, Brain Res Dev Brain Res 103, 47-57.

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