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Question (23208) | AEC Single/Plus (30ml) (ab103742)

Hello,I want to buy substrats for Alkaline phosphatase and HRP for double elispot test.I have seen that you have for alkaline phosphatase  BCIP /NBT :ab7413ab7468for HRP AEC :ab103742ab64252but it is only mentionned for IHC.Can I use these reagents for elispot?Do they need to be filtered or not?What is the protocol (volume to dispense, dilution...?)Thanks for your answer.

Thank you very much for your enquiry. We do not currently sell substrates such as AP and HRP that have been tested in ELISPOT. This doesn’t mean that these products are not suitable, we just have not tested them in this application. The 4 products identified (ab7413, ab7468, ab64252, ab103742) have been tested in IHC and ab7413 has also been tested in dot blots and WB. This may be a more suitable one to try but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it would be suitable. I would consider reviewing what ELISPOT kits we have available as we may have one that is suitable. I would be happy to offer any further advice and hope this information helps.

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