• Product name
    Glucose-6-Phosphate Assay Kit (Colorimetric)
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  • Detection method
  • Sample type
    Cell culture supernatant, Urine, Serum, Plasma, Other biological fluids, Tissue Extracts
  • Assay type
  • Sensitivity
    10 µM
  • Range
    1 µM - 30 µM
  • Assay time
    0h 40m
  • Product overview

    Glucose-6-Phosphate Assay Kit (Colorimetric) (ab83426) is a simple, sensitive and rapid test to quantify glucose-6-phospate (G6P) in a variety of samples. In the assay, glucose-6-phosphate is oxidized into an intermediate product which in turn converts the probe into an intensely colored product with an absorbance at OD=450 nm. This product can detect G6P in the range of 1-30 nmoles with a detection sensitivity ~10 µM G6P.

    For higher sensitivity, we recommend our fluorometric assay Glucose-6-Phosphate Assay Kit - High Sensitivity (Fluorometric) (ab107923).
    Visit our FAQs page for tips and troubleshooting.

  • Notes

    Glucose-6-phosphate (G6P) is a key sugar intermediate for glucose to get into cells, and then enter either metabolic pathways or storage. G6P can enter the glycolytic pathway, the pentose phosphate shunt or be stored as glycogen or starch. G6P is transformed by G6PDH to generate reducing equivalents in the form of NADPH. This is particularly important in red blood cells where a G6PDH deficiency leads to hemolytic anemia.

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  • Colorimetric standard curve: mean of duplicates (+/- SD) with background reads subtracted.

  • G6P (A) levels are elevated in GAA−/− mice compared to wild type (C57/Bl6) and reduced by rhGAA treatment.

    GAA−/− mice were dosed with rhGAA. G6P was quantified in heart and triceps homogenates from wild type (C57Bl/6) and GAA−/− mice using ab83426. Values are means ± SEM. Data was analyzed by one-way ANOVA followed by Newman-Keuls comparing groups. ***P<0.001.



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Customer reviews and Q&As

Yes, you are correct that serum samples can be used directly. You can run a sample background control (omit Glucose 6 Phosphate Enzyme Mix from the reaction mix) with your serum samples and subtract the background OD from the sample readings.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I've heard back from the lab that this kit is specific for glucose 6 phosphate.

I hope this information helps. Please contact us with any other questions.

Thank you for contacting us with your question.

To prepare the samples, we would recommend homogenizing the cells with a Dounce homogenizer, 10-50 passes while samples are on ice. Efficient lysis can be confirmed by viewing the cells under a ...

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Please find below the answer from the lab :
5 % detergent will affect the enzyme assay and is NOT recommended.
I hope this is helpful.

In order to give you an accurate answer to your question, could you please provide more details about the "high concentration of detergent"? What type of detergent and what concentration?

Vielen Dank für Ihren Anruf vongestern. Ich habe unterdessen herausgefunden was passiert ist. In der Tat war das erste Substrat fehlerhaft. Wir hatten daher dieses Substrat in den betroffenen Kits ersetzt - mit dem neuen G6P substrate mix ab104231...

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Thank you for contacting us about the G6P assay kit today. I am waiting for the lab to reply regarding the perchloric acid de-proteinization protocol. Can you describe your samples to me? This step will be necessary for any cell lysate or tissue homoge...

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