A good kit for use with marine worms

Good Average 3/5 (Ease of Use)
I purchased this kit to try and quantify HSP70 in the marine worm Hediste diversicolor. The kit was fairly straightforward as I have used ELISA kits before although the protocol has a fair amount of typographical errors and the procedure is lacking information about when to add the samples (again fairly easy to work out though). The standard curve produced appears accurate and for my particular samples a 1:2 dilution or 1:4 dilution was necessary to bring the samples in range for testing with this kit. Spiked lysed tissue homogenate samples with HSP70 standard indicated 96% recovery for this species at a 1:4 dilution. I would recommend this product for use with verified or unverified species samples.

Cameron Hird

Verified customer

Submitted Jul 28 2016

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