Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells (ab110170)


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    Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells
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  • Species reactivity
    Reacts with: Other species, Mammals
  • Product overview

    ab110170 contains sufficient reagents for up to 20 benchtop mitochondria isolations from mammalian cultured cells. Isolated mitochondria can be analyzed by Western Blotting, Immunocapture, or Activity assay.


    Available with a dounce homogenizer as kit ab110171.




  • Isolated mitochondria show enriched signal when compared to the whole cell extract. In lane 1, MRC5 mitochondria isolated with Abcam's ab110170 (MS852) Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells were loaded at 20 µg. In lanes 2 and 3, post-spin supernatant (SN) and whole cell extract were loaded at 20 µg.



This product has been referenced in:
  • Faccio AT  et al. Stereochemical and structural effects of (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine on the mitochondrial metabolome in PC-12 cells. Biochim Biophys Acta 1862:1505-1515 (2018). Rat . Read more (PubMed: 29526507) »
  • Shi G & McQuibban GA The Mitochondrial Rhomboid Protease PARL Is Regulated by PDK2 to Integrate Mitochondrial Quality Control and Metabolism. Cell Rep 18:1458-1472 (2017). Read more (PubMed: 28178523) »

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Very Satisfied

Excellent Excellent 5/5 (Ease of Use)
Easy to use, high yield, made BN-PAGE easy to do!

Abcam user community

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Submitted Aug 07 2017

mitochondria isolation kit

Excellent Excellent 5/5 (Ease of Use)
It is easy and good way to isolate mitochondria from cells.

Abcam user community

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Submitted Jul 20 2017

The level of contamination depends on the quality of the sample. To minimize contamination, I suggest to perform the isolation of freshly isolated/harvested cells. Any freeze/thaw step of the cell pellet will not yield a good preparation. However, ther...

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The mitotox kits will work with mitochondria from any human tissue. Therefore it will work with mitochondria from human PBMCs.

To isolate mitochondria from human PBMCs I suggest the customer to use ab110170 (Mitochondria Isolation Kit f...

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You can use the leftover reagents of kit ab110170 with tissues. However, you will need to follow the tissue protocol to get the best outcome.

Note, we have a specific Mitochondrial isolation kit for tissue: ab110168.

Large clearance pestle (A)[clearance 0.0030-0.0050 in] is used for the initial sample reduction, such as tissue prep;

Small clearance pestle (B) [0.0005-0.0025 in] is used to form the final homogenate.

When prepare cell homogenate...

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The procedure can accomodate approximately 20 benchtop mitochondria isolations, assuming about 4x10^7 cells per isolation are used. These amounts can be scaled up or down accordingly, as long as the cells are resuspended to 5 mg/ml in Reagent A, a...

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ab109719 is not suitable for this purpose, this kit is based on detergent fractionation of cellular proteins into three fractions. RNA distribution was not tested with this kit.

Mitochondrial isolation kits (ab110168 – ab1101...

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I can confirm that the mitochondria isolated using this kit can be used in other biological assays.
Please check protocol booklet page number 2 for expected yield based on cell line:
Sample / Starting Material / Expected Yield
MRC-5 / 4 – ...

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You will want to use either ab110170 or ab110171 (which includes the homogenizer), as these are optimized for isolating fractions from cultured cells versus tissue samples. The supernatant from SPIN2 is the cytosolic fraction, though it might be contam...

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