Question (76746) | Native Human Laminin 5 protein (ab42326)

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Can you please tell us if it is known whether this laminin 5 protein has been characterized with regard to the isoform of the LAMA3 subunit? There are two splice variants that differ greatly in size and have been named specifically. The short variant is called alpha 3A, and the “full length” variant is called alpha 3B. The trimers are thus named Laminin-3A32 or Laminin-3B32, depending on which isoform they contain.


The Laminin 5 protein ab42326 was purified via affinity chromatography with an antibody specific to the beta3 chain. Therefore, it is likely that this Laminin is a mixture of the two splice variants Laminin-3A32 and Laminin-3B32. However, we have not confirmed this.

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