Question (43894) | Recombinant Wheat Gliadin protein (ab124981)

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Do you have any " alpha/beta gliadin" I can purchase that would cross-react with antibody Anti-Gliadin antibody (ab50602)?

In addition, I'm asking if there is any NH2 groups on the ab50602, not COOH group.


We received the following information from the lab regarding ab124981 :

The protein sequence was not designed in respect to the question whether the fragment shows sequence homologies with alpha/beta gliadin.

We cannot exclude that an anti-alpha/beta gliadin antibody recognizes this gliadin protein, but we also cannot confirm this. This must be evaluated by the customer.

As regards to thesecond question: The His-tag is attached to the C-terminus of the gliadin fragment, so the free C-terminal end is simply 'relocated' to the first His.

I hope this information is of help to you.

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