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I was looking at the above product on your website. I noticed that a comment was on the page asking about DNA and one of your colleagues responded saying that there would be no DNA present in the lysate. Would this also be true of RNA? And does the lysate only contain organelles and other cellular components? Another similar product was the same product treated with IFN gamma, are these essentially the same product and does this treatment cause any difference within the cells, for example in terms of expression levels of RNA or any other internal functions?


Regarding ab14899, the procedure for the preparation of the whole cell extract is not RNAase free so the RNA will be at least partially degraded. But there is no step to get rid of the RNA and since it’s more soluble than DNA it could be present in the extract. We have never tested our extract for the presence of RNA and therefore we can not guarantee that it will be RNA free.

Unfortunately, we haven’t tested the presence of organelles either.

We have two nuclear lysates: ab14896 and ab14897 (IFN gamma treated).

These nuclear extracts don't contain any cytoplasmic proteins, the nuclei are first isolated then lysed. IFN gamma will affect the expression of some proteins. For example, they activate the expression of inflammation-related proteins.

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