Question (17104) | ABCA1 peptide (ab14148)

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Thanks for your response . But I am sorry for again asking you about your product ABCA1 peptide (ab14148). My query was regarding ABCA1 peptide (ab14148) not antibody. Because in your datasheet you have mentioned that this peptide is conjugated to the KLH. As wanted to use it as a positive control for ELISA. Thats why I was interested to know the ratio of ABCA1 peptide to KLH molecule in ABCA1-KLH conjugate, so that I can Fixed certain concentration of this peptide for my experiment. I sorry for disturbing you. Thanks a lot for your favour. With best regards,


Thank you for your enquiry. To clarify I can tell you that the KLH conjugation is actually a mistake on our datasheet. This peptide is NOT conjugated to a carrier molecule. I have amended the datasheet to reflect this. This should be evident tomorrow. Please let me apologise for this confusion.

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