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. I want to order an ACHE
antibody from Abcam but I find a few and could not decide on the one to be
ordered. Attached I am sending you my shortlist, I don't have the epitope
information of all, could you please align the epitope info that you have
with zebrafish ACHE protein? And maybe then you can advice one of them
depending on the quality of the alignment. In addition I would like to ask
you for a test code. After selecting the antibody I will order, test and
write an abreview. Could you please send a test code?
I would be glad if you could help.
Best wishes,


Thank you for your email.

I have done a homology search between human ACHE and Danio Rerio (Zebrafish). The data shows intermittent homology, please check

As you can see homology in C-terminal end is quite good so antibody ab31276 could be suitable product . If you are interested in using this product I am happy to provide you Abbtrial offer. Please check the terms and conditions;

I hope this information will helpful. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

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