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ab179467 has been referenced in 22 publications.

  • Sun XH  et al. miR-155 mediates inflammatory injury of hippocampal neuronal cells via the activation of microglia. Mol Med Rep 19:2627-2635 (2019). PubMed: 30720115
  • Qin QJ  et al. Rhynchophylline ameliorates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury through the modulation of mitochondrial mechanisms to mediate myocardial apoptosis. Mol Med Rep 19:2581-2590 (2019). PubMed: 30720139
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  • Liu F  et al. TUSC2P suppresses the tumor function of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by regulating TUSC2 expression and correlates with disease prognosis. BMC Cancer 18:894 (2018). PubMed: 30219035
  • Périco LL  et al. Sex-specific effects of Eugenia punicifolia extract on gastric ulcer healing in rats. World J Gastroenterol 24:4369-4383 (2018). PubMed: 30344421
  • Zhu X  et al. BMS-345541 inhibits airway inflammation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in airway remodeling of asthmatic mice. Int J Mol Med 42:1998-2008 (2018). PubMed: 30015827
  • He J & Zhu J Collapsin Response Mediator Protein-2 Ameliorates Sevoflurane-Mediated Neurocyte Injury by Targeting PI3K-mTOR-S6K Pathway. Med Sci Monit 24:4982-4991 (2018). PubMed: 30018280
  • Wang B  et al. A dual role of miR-22 modulated by RelA/p65 in resensitizing fulvestrant-resistant breast cancer cells to fulvestrant by targeting FOXP1 and HDAC4 and constitutive acetylation of p53 at Lys382. Oncogenesis 7:54 (2018). PubMed: 30057418
  • Wang Y & Wu X SMOC1 silencing suppresses the angiotensin II-induced myocardial fibrosis of mouse myocardial fibroblasts via affecting the BMP2/Smad pathway. Oncol Lett 16:2903-2910 (2018). PubMed: 30127878
  • Liang Y  et al. Downregulation of Dock1 and Elmo1 suppresses the migration and invasion of triple-negative breast cancer epithelial cells through the RhoA/Rac1 pathway. Oncol Lett 16:3481-3488 (2018). PubMed: 30127952
  • Dong N  et al. Long noncoding RNA MALAT1 acts as a competing endogenous RNA to regulate Amadori-glycated albumin-induced MCP-1 expression in retinal microglia by a microRNA-124-dependent mechanism. Inflamm Res 67:913-925 (2018). PubMed: 30151700
  • Liu W  et al. Alkaline Phosphatase Controls Lineage Switching of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Regulating the LRP6/GSK3ß Complex in Hypophosphatasia. Theranostics 8:5575-5592 (2018). PubMed: 30555565
  • Ma Q  et al. The expression characteristics of FAM71D and its association with sperm motility. Hum Reprod 32:2178-2187 (2017). PubMed: 29025071
  • Cao LH  et al. Morphine, a potential antagonist of cisplatin cytotoxicity, inhibits cisplatin-induced apoptosis and suppression of tumor growth in nasopharyngeal carcinoma xenografts. Sci Rep 6:18706 (2016). WB ; Human . PubMed: 26729257
  • Fu TG  et al. miR-143 inhibits oncogenic traits by degrading NUAK2 in glioblastoma. Int J Mol Med 37:1627-35 (2016). WB ; Human . PubMed: 27081712
  • Yang H  et al. Emulsified isoflurane treatment inhibits the cell cycle and respiration of human bronchial epithelial 16HBE cells in a p53-independent manner. Mol Med Rep 14:349-54 (2016). PubMed: 27176636
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  • Shen Y  et al. miR-375 mediated acquired chemo-resistance in cervical cancer by facilitating EMT. PLoS One 9:e109299 (2014). WB, IHC . PubMed: 25330011

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