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ADP/ATP Ratio Assay Kit (Bioluminescent) (ab65313)
Hello. I would like to know if I can ue your kit to measure ATP
content in mouse liver.
I need to measure heaptic ATP, ADP, and AMP. Any suggestion?
Thank you,


Thank you for your inquiry.

I am happy to confirm that ab65313 can be used with mouse liver tissue samples.

This kit can be used to measure the ADP/ATP Ratio, AMP is not measured.

If you are planning to use this kit with tissue samples, I would like to note that the preparation of the samples need to be optimized according to the sample type etc..

A single cell suspension has to be prepared from the tissue and this can then be treated as the adherent cells in the prototocol.

Another possibility is to cut the tissue in very small pieces and then incubate for 5 minutes at room temperature in Nucleotide releasing buffer.

I hope this information is helpful and wish you good luck for your results.

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