Very sensitive and easy to use

Excellent Excellent 5/5 (Ease of Use)
We have used this product extensively to measure changes in the ATP/ADP ratio in response to changes in glucose availability and during stress tests (H2O2 treatment). We have some recommendations below for use:

1) Use a black-walled 96-well plate to reduce plate phosphorescence
2) If possible, use ~1,000 cells per well. If you can do a seeding density curve, you will notice that the ATP/ADP ratio drops with increasing cell number. This is due to glucose depletion for the media. Less cells will give you a better charged cell.
3) Following on from point 2, change the media 1-2 hours before starting your experiment. This will replenish the glucose in the media. We found this to be very important when trying to utilise physiological glucose concentrations (2.5-10 mM glucose).

Reliable kit and easy to use.

Dr. Craig Beall

Verified customer

Submitted Sep 17 2014

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