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Please send detection sensitivity of Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 and method(s) used (e.g. 50% inhibition in competitive ELISA and incubation duration, etc.) for your Aflatoxin monoclonal antibodies or any others that are not listed on your website.
In addition to the initial inquiry, I’d be interested in knowing the carrier protein used as immunogen and in detection sensitivity evaluation.



Thank you very much for contacting us with your enquiry, and for your patience while I have been in touch with the production labs for more information about our aflatoxin antibodies.

We have three monoclonal antibodies against aflatoxin: ab685, ab1017, and ab1985. Here is the information about each of these antibodies:

Ab685: reacts with AFM1 and AFB1. It was raised against AFM1-BSA conjugate, but unfortunately the lab does not have further data regarding the detection sensitivity of the antibody.

Ab1017: reacts with AFB1, and cross-reactivity with other aflatoxins is not known at this time. It was raised against purified AFB1. It has been tested in ELISA at 5 ug/mL against AFB1 coated on wells at 1 ug/mL but the detection sensitivity not been determined.

Ab1985: reacts with AFB1 and AFB2, and it does not cross-react with G1, G2, and M1. It was raised against aflatoxin from Aspergillus flavus conjugated to BSA. The lab has been able to reach the detection limit of 0.2 ng/mL againt AFB1-BSA in competitive ELISA. In this assay, the antibody incubation was performed for 1 hour at 37C and different concentrations of antibody were used.

I hope that this information will be useful, but if you have any further questions or need anything else, please let me know and I'll be happy to help.

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