Question (26549) | Anti-ALDH1A1 antibody (ab9883)

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I’m having trouble finding the PO number.  I know the original order was placed around 2/16/11.  We changed which staff was taking care of orders at the end of February so I’m not sure if I can find the PO number. We must use the antibody whose host is not rabbit since later we will try to do double staining and the other antibody we use is rabbit antibody. Therefore we can not use the ab23375. Thanks   


Thank you for your reply. I think we have found the original order from February, but as we have sent a replacement vial of ab9883 which also did not work, in this case it might be best to issue a credit note or refund since the rabbit polyclonal ab23375 can not be used. Please let me know if this is an acceptable solution and I will issue the credit/refund immediately. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do for you.

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