Question (5250) | Anti-alpha 1 Antitrypsin antibody, prediluted (ab922)

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1) With which other proteins have you tested the cross-reactivity of this antibody? May it be useful to target alpha1-antitrypsin from rats and hamsters? 2) Is there any chance that it may also work for ELISA?


This antibody is sourced externally, therefore all the information we have for this product is stated on the datasheet. The datasheet says "The antibody is specific for human alpha-1-antitrypsin.......stains macrophages in human tissues and does not stain any other cell type.....cross reactivity against monkey, dog and rat. Not tested in other species". Since this antibody is polyclonal and raised to whole A1AT, it is likely that it will work in an ELISA, but we can't guarantee this until tested.

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