Question (47983) | Anti-alpha 2a Adrenergic Receptor antibody (ab85570)

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IHC-P with human pancreas: good
with mouse and rat pancreas: faint specific staiing and high background
AR: pH6, pH9 (best), proteinase, none
Ab: 1/400 RT (best) and o/n (too much background)
block: serum-free, 0.25% casein
2nd: OK
block with 3% H2O2


Thank you for your phone call.
Here is the information for the discount code for trying ab85570 in mouse and rat. Below that section, please see the information for the free of charge replacement.
Expiration date: xxx
I am very pleased to hear you would like to accept our offer and test ab85570 in mouse/rat. This code will give you: 1 free PRIMARY ANTIBODY before the expiration date. To redeem this offer, please submit an Abreview for mouse/rat and include this code in the “Additional Comments” section so we know the Abreview is for this promotion. For more information on how to submit an Abreview, please visit the site:
Remember, we publish both positive and negative Abreviews on our datasheets so please submit the results of your tests. The code will be active once the Abreview has been submitted and can be redeemed in one of the following ways: 1) Call to place your order and mention the code to our customer service department; 2) Include the code in your fax order; 3) Place your order on the web and enter the promotional code.
Any feedback that you can provide will be greatly appreciated, whether positive or negative. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your Abreview and wish you luck with your research.
The terms and conditions applicable to this offer can be found here:


Thank you for confirming these details and for your cooperation. The details provided enable us to closely monitor the quality of our products.
I am sorry this product did not perform as stated on the datasheet and for the inconvenience this has caused. As requested, I have issued a free of charge replacement with the order number xxx with ab85570.
To check the status of the order please contact our Customer Service team and reference this number.
Please note that this free of charge replacement vial is also covered by our Abpromise guarantee. Should you still be experiencing difficulties, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.
I wish you the best of luck with your research.

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