Question (6190) | Anti-Angiotensin I antibody (ab8051)

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I am setting up a radioimmunoassay for angiotensin I. I am thinking about using your angiotensin I antibody (ab8051). I will also need a secondary antibody, for instance Goat polyclonal to rabbit IgG. However, I just want to precipitate the angiotensin I antibody antigen complex with the second antibody, to separate bound from free. Do you have a secondary antibody suitable for such a simple proceedure?


First I would like to confirm that AB8051 has been tested and characterized for Immunoassay so it should work for RIA. The recommended compatible secondary antibodies are listed on the datasheet of this antibody, please have a look at it. Ab7019 is Goat polyclonal to Rabbit IgG H&L (agarose) and it is suitable for immunoprecipitation (IP). For details on IP, please click on the “Protocols“ section on the Scientific Support section of our website.

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