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Dear Abcam team, I used your product (ab109209) for IgG purification from sheep serum and plasma, but I couldn't obtain the product enoughly. Actually I know that my serum and plasma include the specific antibodies against my specific organism in the high titers by IFAT. I tested the purified liquid for detection the antibodies by IFAT. However there was no reaction even in the low titers. I couldn't undertand why the purification was not successful. Would you kindly consider the problem? is the reason be able to related with Protein A? This work is very important for me because I will use it for immunoscreening of cDNA library. If you can comment the problem in a short time I would be happy. Thanks in advance. Ferda Sevinc, Professor, Turkey


Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I am sorry to hear you have had difficulty obtaining satisfactory results from this purification kit.

I fully understand your concerns and it is regrettable the result have not been successful on this occasion. I am sorry to confirm that sheep antibodies do not have any affinity to protein A, so I would not expect this kit to work for sheep samples. In the previous email, advice was provided to confirm that the system for this kit is based on a Protein A purification and that the performance of the kit will therefore be both species and sub type dependent.

I would recommend a protein G kit would be more suitable for sheep antibodies, for example:

ab128751 Serum Antibody Purification Kit (Protein G) (or use the following:

If you would like to try this kit instead, I can offer you a 5% discount and free shipping for this kit. Please quote the followingcodes:

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I hope this will be helpful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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