Question (76246) | Apoptosis Western Blot Cocktail (pro/p17-caspase-3, cleaved PARP1, muscle actin) (ab136812)

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We interpret the three FAS treatment specific bands in Jurkat cells as being various cleavage intermediates/products of the pro caspase 3 (uniprot P42574, processing. Specifically, amino acids 1-175 of P42574 predicted 19.8 kDa, amino acids 10-175 of P42574 predicted 18.7 kDa, amino acids 29-175 of P42574 predicted 16.6 kDa. As one can see from the figure, their relative ratio is changing with the time of the treatment. The pro/p17 caspase 3 antibody is a rabbit monoclonal antibody raised using immunogen within amino acids 50-150.

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