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Sorry, I forgot to ask prices also for:

ab36595 and ab49755

Which can be the best for paraffin embedded eye sections in your experience?

Thanks again for your help



Thank you for your further questions.

I can confirm the following prices:
CD14 antibody [5A3B11B5] (ab36595) 100 ul £227.00
CD14 antibody [7] (ab49755) 200 ug £227.00
Delivery: £16.00 to United Kingdom

This information can be found on the individual online datasheets. Please ensure toselect the correct countryfrom thedropdown menu at the top right corner of the webpage. The correct price for the product and delivery charge in the UK will then show at the top of the page.

Regarding which of these antibodies is best for parafin embedded eye sections, I am sorry that neither of these CD14 antibodies have specifically been tested on eye sections as far as we are aware. I would like to reassure you that our antibodies have all been tested successfully and would be covered by our 6 month guarantee in the applications and specieslisted on the datasheets. Therefore, any CD14 antibody tested in thespecies and application you are using should be suitable for your applications. Also, although we produce many in-house antibodies, we obtain other antibodies from a wide range of sources. Therefore, comparison experiments will not often have been done.

If you wish to be more certain, I can suggest choosing the antibody that has been best characterized. By this I mean the antibody that has been tested in the most applications and has the most data available (on the datasheet).

I hope this will be helpful. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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