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Thank you for your previous information. However we tried the specific peptide for the ab18995 and we did not have good results as you can see in the attached file. For the western blot conditions with or without peptide incubation, we followed exactly the abcam protocol and we used breast human tissue as positive control. At the same time we analyzed the expression of aromatase in our target human tissue as well as other human cells. But as you can see, we obtained several bands others than those corresponding to the expected sizes even in the control tissue. Neverthenless, our main problem is not the size but the fact that the bands appearing around the expected sized didn’t disappear with de peptide incubation so we have to say that these bands are unspecific. Being in account our results, we conclude that this antibody doesn’t work well because it didn’t recognize the aromatase in the control tissue or the peptide is not good. Could you please explain us these facts and give as a solution?


Thank you for your message and for providing this further information.

I am sorry to hear suggestions and use of the blocking peptide have not improved the results on this occasion. It does appear as this vial of ab18995 is bad. I appreciate the time you have spent on these experiments, and if this product has been purchased within the last 6 months, would like to offer a replacement, refund or credit note in compensation. In order to arrange this, I would appreciate if you could confirm your order number and date of purchase?

Thank you for your continued cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you with details of how you would like to proceed.

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