Question (33237) | Anti-ATP1A3 antibody [XVIF9-G10] (ab2826)

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Dear Abcam Team,

I am looking to perform some Immunohistochemistry experiments on rat myocardium and I was wondering whether you would recommend ab78798 or ab2826? We have not used any of these in our lab & I was looking for some guidance.

Thanks for your advice,


Thank you for your inquiry.

As our Abpromise guarantees the species and the application stated on the datasheet, I recommend to order ab78798 if you plan to use IHC-P and ab2826 if you plan to use IHC-Fr.

Both antibodies are tested in rat and therefore covered by our guarantee. Please follow this link to review the Abpromise guarantee:

I would like to make you aware that matching secondary antibodies can be found using our search engine:

And we also provide many IHC tailored products:

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me again with more detailsabout the intendedexperiments if you have any further questions.

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