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I am looking at the Anti-Aurora A antibody (ab1287) for immunohistochemistry, and I wonder what you recommend we use as a positive control?


In general, we recommend the tissue you see on the datasheet, in this case a pancreatic tumor. We offer sections of pancreatic adenocarcinoma, not of the exact same tumor, but we assume the staining will be similar. Here is a link to the datasheet for the sections.

I also recommend consulting the Human Protein Atlas. The entry for Aurora A is at these links:

The current data is from only two antibodies, though.

For normal tissue, the UniProt entry for human Aurora A ( has this note, but without a reference.

Highly expressed in testis and weakly in skeletal muscle, thymus and spleen. Also highly expressed in colon, ovarian, prostate, neuroblastoma, breast and cervical cancer cell lines.

We have sections of many paraffin-embedded tissues, including testis, which are easy to find by typing the name of the tissue in the search box on our website and filtering the list of results by product type.

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