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dear correspondent,

We have lately purchased several Abs from Abcam and i have a question related to the purification method.
In the datasheets of several monoclonal antibodies is mentioned that they are purified as 'IgG fraction'. Could you exlain to me what that means? Is a anti-IgG column used or an protein A/G column (or any other technique)? This is very important information to us, as we need to consider protein A/G contamination to explain data obtained in our R&D dept. in experiments using these antibodies.

More specifically, the question relates to the following antibodies (data sheets of all those abs mention 'IgG fraction' in 'purity' annotation):

ab3609-100 (anti-Aurora B)
ab51841-100 (anti-TATA binding protein)
ab37373 (goat control IgG)
ab46540 (rabbit control IgG)

Thanks in advance and hope to hear your answer soon,


Thank you for your enquiry.

I have confirmed the purification details of the antibodies you listed and have updated the datasheets where necessary:

ab3609 (Aurora B)
Protein G purified

ab51841 (TATA binding protein)
Protein G purified

ab37373 (goat control IgG)
Proprietary combination of ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion exchange, and/or other chromatography techniques.

ab46540 (rabbit control IgG)
Affinity purified against the antigen.

I hope this will be helpful. If you require any further information on the purification of other products, or any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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