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ab109307 has been referenced in 12 publications.

  • Li XG  et al. Acute exposure to deoxynivalenol inhibits porcine enteroid activity via suppression of the Wnt/ß-catenin pathway. Toxicol Lett 305:19-31 (2019). PubMed: 30690062
  • Deng Q  et al. PHF19 promotes the proliferation, migration, and chemosensitivity of glioblastoma to doxorubicin through modulation of the SIAH1/ß-catenin axis. Cell Death Dis 9:1049 (2018). PubMed: 30323224
  • Li XG  et al. LGR5 and BMI1 Increase Pig Intestinal Epithelial Cell Proliferation by Stimulating WNT/ß-Catenin Signaling. Int J Mol Sci 19:N/A (2018). PubMed: 29601474
  • Sun M  et al. MicroRNA-378 regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis of melanoma by inhibiting FOXN3 expression through the Wnt/ß-catenin pathway. Cell Biol Int N/A:N/A (2018). PubMed: 29972255
  • Zhang K  et al. Islr regulates canonical Wnt signaling-mediated skeletal muscle regeneration by stabilizing Dishevelled-2 and preventing autophagy. Nat Commun 9:5129 (2018). PubMed: 30510196
  • Mills F  et al. Cadherins mediate cocaine-induced synaptic plasticity and behavioral conditioning. Nat Neurosci 20:540-549 (2017). PubMed: 28192395
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  • Lin J  et al. Kindlin-2 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma invasion and metastasis by increasing Wnt/ß-catenin signaling. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 36:134 (2017). WB . PubMed: 28969700
  • Li N  et al. Exogenous R-Spondin1 Induces Precocious Telogen-to-Anagen Transition in Mouse Hair Follicles. Int J Mol Sci 17:N/A (2016). WB . PubMed: 27104524
  • Leow SC  et al. The transcription factor SOX6 contributes to the developmental origins of obesity by promoting adipogenesis. Development 143:950-61 (2016). PubMed: 26893351
  • Yanaka Y  et al. miR-544a induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition through the activation of WNT signaling pathway in gastric cancer. Carcinogenesis 36:1363-71 (2015). PubMed: 26264654

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