Question (15364) | Anti-BCAR3/NSP2 antibody (ab21705)

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I was curious whether you are willing to send us a sample of this antibody (BCAR-3) for us to test it and confirm if it works. We have made our own antibody against this protein a few years ago and have published articles showing its effectiveness. We would test yours for WB and potentially for IHC, sending you appropriate documentation (pictures). We are interested in this antibody but unwilling to purchase it without further testing. This should be beneficial for both parties.


Thank you for your enquiry. We do not routinely offer free or trial sized samples for testing purposes. Goat polyclonal to BCAR3 (ab21705) is a fast track antibody and therefore as you mention any new details of application and species reactivity is highly valuable to us. We operate an incentive scheme that benefits our customers who leave feedback on the behaviour of the antibody. This is our Abpoints scheme and benefits our customers by providing them with points for an Abreview that can be redeemed against future purchases, Amazon vouchers, discounts at conferences etc. Due to the fact that this antibody has not been characterized using any application and is a fast track antibody we provide our reviews of this antibody with a significant number of points (1,000 Abpoints to the 1st researcher who submits conclusive data (positive or negative)). I hope this information helps, please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further assistance.

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