Question (16365) | Anti-Bcl-2 (phospho S70) antibody (ab28819)

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i want to use the Bcl2 (phospho S70) antibody (code ab28819) for a FACS assay. But this antibody is not tested for FACS. Do you know researching groups, who used this antibody for FACs. Besides the celline I use, is from rat. The species reactivity of this antibody is human and mouse, its not tested for other species. Could it also work for rat?


I was unable to find out the exact immunogen sequence used to generate ab28819 unfortunately, however a homology search between the whole human protein and the rat protein revealed a 90% homology, so the antibody has some good chances of working in rat but I cannot guarantee this. The datasheet for this product has been corrected as the mouse protein has not been tested currently, my apologies for this error. I hope this information will help you,

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