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Hi, I would like to know if your antibody anti-BCMA, Vicky-1 (catalog # ab17323) is cynomolgus cross-reactive.  You mention it crossreacts with human BCMA, not mouse, but no mention of cyno.  If it is crossreactive, could you give me the reference? Thank you for your assistance Best wishes,      


Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry to confirm that as far as we are aware, ab17323 has never been tested with samples from cynomolgus monkey. All tested and guaranteed species cross-reactivity information is stated on our datasheets, and these are updated as soon as any new information is brought to our attention. I can confirm the immunogen for this antibody is as follows: LQMAGQCSQ NEYFDSLLHA CIPCQLRCSS NTPPLTCQRY CNASVTNSVK GTNA   Unfortunately, I am sorry I am not able to find the cynomolgus monkey sequence available on the protein database sites. If you have access to this sequence, I can recommend to try an alignment. Or if you would like to send the sequence to me, I am happy to do this. We recommend that alignment should be over 85% to predict that an antibody will detect in a different species. Please note that even if the alignment is high, we would not be able to guarantee this without testing.  If the alignment is high and you would like to try the antibody in cynomolgus monkey, please do not hesitate to contact me again by replying to this message prior to the purchase as you may be eligible for our testing discount program. Otherwise, we like to encourage all of our customers to submit an Abreview via the online product datasheet. We always appreciate customer feedback, whether positive or negative, and we make all product information available to researchers. Each Abreview earns Abpoints that can be used for discounts on future purchases or rewards such as gift certificates. To find out more about our Abreview system, please see the following link: I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further advice or information in this regard.  

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