Question (8535) | Anti-beta 2 Microglobulin antibody (ab6608)

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Antibody AB6608 (lot 7396) showed many small 'spots' in WB (ECL) - other antibodies used in comparable experiments worked fine. See attached complaint form for details.


Thank you for your e-mail. We have solved several vial form exactly the same batch number without any problem. Has this customer performed an experiment using different primary antibodies on the same blot? Has he done a head-to-head experiment? We regret to inform you that usually having spots on the blot due to some practical problems: 1. Contamination. Customer should check that all the buffers are free from bacterial contamination and infection. Deionized water should be coming from a well maintained supply. 2. Not enough of the solution during incubation or washing. Make sure that the membrane is well emerged in the solution which is moving gently across the membrane. 3. During incubation air bubbles became trapped on the surface of the blot. Next time, gently remove all air bubbles. Should you need any more help then please do let us know.

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