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L.S.,   This antibody is a mouse monoclonal [2G10] to Neuron specific beta III Tubulin and considered to be a neuronal marker. However, in the alternative names section, I read that this antibody can also be named ‘MC1R antibody’. To my knowledge, the MC1R protein is the melanocortin 1 receptor and a marker for melanocytes. My question is, how specific is this antibody as a neuronal marker, or is it also a marker for melanocytes?


Thank you for contacting Abcam.

This a one of those cases were naming past conventions can come back to haunt us. It appears that Neuron specific beta III Tubulin has appeared with the names,tubulin, beta 3 CFEOM3A, MC1R, TUBB4, beta-4 and the now conventional TUBB3.MC1R protein has been namedmelanocortin 1 receptor (alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor) CMM5, MGC14337, MSH-R, SHEP2.

This product only references the names under whichNeuron specific beta III Tubulin has appeared. The product is neuron specific and is not against themarker for melanocytes.

I hope that this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or there are other ways that Abcam may help you meet your research goals.

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