Question (69845) | Anti-beta III Tubulin antibody [2G10] - Neuronal Marker (ab78078)

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Inquiry: I am in the process of publishing a paper with ab78078 antibody in the Journal of Comparative Neurology. They require the sequence of immunogen. Could you please give me this information? The references you provide on the web site are not really using the ab78078.


The immunogen sequence used to raise the anti-Neuron specific beta III Tubulin antibody [2G10](ab78078) is proprietary information and therefore we are not allowed to publish this information.

What I can tell you is that it's immunogen is Tissue / cell preparation of Rat Neuron specific beta III Tubulin.

I have conducted other searches of anti-tubulin beta III antibody with this clone and have found other companies who sell similar antibodies. Their immunogen sequence is a peptide corresponding to residues 436-450 of neuronal specific βIII tubulin. Therefore, the immunogen of our antibody may be similar but we cannot guarantee that it will be the same as its production differed.

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