Question (22274) | Anti-beta III Tubulin antibody [TU-20] (ab7751)

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Thank you for your reply, but the problem is not multiple bands. The antibody works great, actually. My question is rather simple. I'm not sure why it's disappeared during submission of my inquiry.   I've been using anti-beta III Tubulin antibody (ab7751) for my WB and I need a very little amount (1:200,000) for each blot. So I need to make diluted stock solution and I wander if there is a good way to keep it fresh.   What kind of solution should I dilute the antibody into so that I can store it at -20C for a long time?  


I am glad to hear the antibody is working well. (I'm not sure what happened to your original enquiry; we received an empty complaint form). A dilute stock solution will remain stable if you dilute the antibody you received in the buffer you use for preparing the working solution, for instance TBS or PBS, with the addition of BSA at a concentration of 1 mg/ml. The BSA minimizes antibody aggregation and loss to vessel adhesion. Do not include detergent. Aliquot and store at -20C. In general, the more concentrated the stock, the more stable it will be. Diluting 10-fold or 20-fold should be acceptable, but if diluting much more than that for stock storage, e.g., 100-fold, I would first test a sample of 100-fold-diluted stock, frozen and then thawed, by comparing the signal obtained from a test lane (cropped from a blot) to the signal from the original stock. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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