Question (37942) | Anti-beta Tubulin antibody - Loading Control (ab6046)

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I can confirm that the batch number of the antibody was GR56115-1 and the Abcam order number was 1033920 (purchase order 737).
I don’t know what the blocking buffer was as it forms part of a kit (Component A of Invitrogen's WesternDot kit; W10142) but this seems to work fine with my other antibody.
What do you suggest please?
Many thanks,


Thank you for getting back to me and for confirming the batch and order numbers.
Blocking agent can cause different results. We have some lab data indicating that with certain antibodies used for loading control 5% BSA works much better than milk and this may be worth considering.
I could certainly offer you a new vial from a different batch if you wish to test it, or raise a credit note which you can use in the future.
Please do let me know how you wish to proceed. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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