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Hi Abcam,
I would like to ask regarding anti beta tubulin ab-ab6046.
a)May I know the total volume of this ab in one vial?
b)If I want to proceed for western blotting, and the dilution 1/500 (as suggested), so I can take directly 1ul and add to 500ul diluent, without doing any dilution first right? Mean that I do not have to determine the real concentration of Ab and it is base on dilution factor?
Thank you for your assistance.


Thank you for contacting us.

A) The concentration for this antibody is batch dependent. It may vary within the range 0.9-1mg/ml. We provide 100ug of antibody, this means the volume supplied may vary from 100-111uL.

B) To prepare a 1/500 dilution you can take, for instance, 1uL of antibody and take it to 500uL of antibody diluent (that is, add 499uL).

I hope this helps and if we can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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