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To whom it may concern,   I’m interested in your products with the references ab6285 and ab78422. I would like to know if you have any information on the cross reactivity of the products with zebrafish samples. If not, would it be possible for you to send me a sample so I can try the antibodies on my samples?   Thank you very much for the attention,   Sincerely,      


Thank you for your enquiry which has been forwarded to the scientific support team. I am sorry to confirm that because we carry over 70,000 products, it is not feasible for us to keep small sample sizes of our products to send to cusotmers. We are happy to reassure our customers that all of our products are covered by our Abpromise, which guarantees that the product will work in the applications and species specified on the datasheet, or we will offer a replacement, credit, or refund within 6 months of purchase. With regards to ab6285 Anti-BMP2 antibody [65529.111], I have reviewed the alingment of the immunogen for this antibody to the Zebrafish protein. There is 63% alignment to zebrafish. This alignment is quite low and I would therefore not recommend that this antibody is likely to detect the Zebrafish BMP2. The other antibodies we have to BMP2 are raised against full length human protein or shorter peptides from the human sequence, and they all have the same alignment or less. I am sorry there are no BMP2 antibodies to suggest that may be suitable on this occasion. With regards to BMPR2, the immunogen of ab78422 BMPR2 has only 58% alignment to zebrafish. Again, I am sorry this means it is not likely to crossreact with Zebrafish. However, we do have the following BMPR2 antibody which has 88% alignment to the zebrafish protein. I can recommend to review the online datasheet for further details. BMPR2 antibody (ab106266) If you would like to test this antibody in Zebrafish, you may be eligible for our testing discount program if the antibody has not yet been purchased. Please contact our Scientific Support team by replying to this email prior to purchase for more information. Otherwise, we like to encourage all of our customers to submit an Abreview via the online product datasheet. We always appreciate customer feedback, whether positive or negative, and we make all product information available to researchers. Plus, each Abreview earns Abpoints that can be used for discounts on future purchases or rewards such as gift certificates. To find out more about our Abreview system, please see the following link: I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me again with any other questions.

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