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ab38621 has been referenced in 13 publications.

  • Duval N  et al. The Bcl-2 Homology-3 Domain (BH3)-Only Proteins, Bid, DP5/Hrk, and BNip3L, Are Upregulated in Reactive Astrocytes of End-Stage Mutant SOD1 Mouse Spinal Cord. Front Cell Neurosci 12:15 (2018). WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 29440992
  • Zhao L  et al. Long non-coding RNA HULC promotes UVB-induced injury by up-regulation of BNIP3 in keratinocytes. Biomed Pharmacother 104:672-678 (2018). WB ; Human . PubMed: 29803927
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  • Wang C  et al. Aliskiren targets multiple systems to alleviate cancer cachexia. Oncol Rep 36:3014-3022 (2016). PubMed: 27667116
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