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Is the borate buffer made with just boric acid or boric acid plus Nabicarbonate? I have found to borate buffer recipies see below. I did try looking at the ref on the website from you IHC borate wash buffer but it is not accessible online. I assume the buffer is just quenching the acid? Borate buffer 1. 1M Borate Buffer 100mls: 6.183g boric acid, 70mls dh2O and ph to pH8.0 with 10N NaOH Dilute 1:10 with dH2O to give 0.1M borate buffer. 2. Boric Acid-Borate Buffer (pH 7.6) Stock Solution A: Boric Acid 1.24 gm/100 ml distilled water Stock Solution B: Sodium Biborate 1.9 gm/100 ml distilled water Solution A ......... 85 ml Solution B ......... 15 ml Mix solutions A and B. Stable at room temperature. Supplies: Boric acid (H3BO3) Mallinckrodt Specialty Chemical Co. Paris, KY Phone: 1-314-654-2000 Catalog No. 2549 Sodium biborate (Na2B4O7.10H2O) J.T. Baker Inc. Phillipsburg, NJ Phone: 1-800-582-2537 Catalog No. 3570-01 Thankyou for your help Best wishes


Thank you for your question. I'm afraid as I have not done the experiments I don't have a recipe for the borate buffer. I find that IHC world ( has often some good protocols, and the following link ( mentions 0.1M Borate Buffer, pH 8.5 made with Sodium borate (MW 381.4) 3.8 g + Distilled water 100 ml. Indeed the Borate buffer is simply to neutralize the acid.

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