ChIP abreview for Anti-BRG1 antibody

Mouse Cell lysate - other (...)
Cross-linking (X-ChIP)
Duration of cross-linking step: 10 minute(s) and 0 second(s)
Specification of the cross-linking agent: formaldehyde
Detection step
Real-time PCR
Positive control
The ChIP experiment with this antibody was performed side by side with an antibody that recognizes another subunit of the complex. That antibody gave a good signal, around 1-3%IP, whereas antibody ab4081 had a very low signal 0.01-0.02%IP, and therefore the numbers were deemed unreliable.
Negative control
A rabbit IgG IP control was performed in the same experiment and had numbers comparable to the ab4081 ChIP (around 0.01%).

Other product details

Incubation time
16 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Temperature: 4°C

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Submitted Nov 07 2012

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