Question (37069) | Anti-CACNA1C antibody [L57/46] (ab84814)

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Thank you for your former advice and replacement antibody for DHPR alpha 1 (aka CaV 1.2 alpha 1).

Now we have tried Ab 81980 with our human heart samples, but unfortunately it does not seem to work either, as it gives some aspecific band with a smaller MW than expected and no band occurs at the expected MW range.

I attach a ppt slide with the result we have got.

In the meanwhile, we have tried another antibody and that one works fine, the band coming at the right MW and control peptide blocking showed that it was a specific band. We are going to use that antibody for our further studies.

I would like to ask if we can still get a refund or credit which we can spend purhasing some other (not CaV 1.2) antibody?


Thank you for your reply and for completing of customer survey follow up email.
I am sorry that the replacement antibody that we sent you, ab81980 did not prove to be successful for you.
Therefore I have processed your request to receive a refund for the original antibody, ab81814.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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