Question (25665) | Anti-Calcineurin inhibitor antibody (ab3349)

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Phone call requesting concentration of antibody ab3349 (lot number 701258)


Thank you for contacting us. As discussed on the phone this antibody stock is whole serum it is therefore difficult to determine the concentration of the antibody, since whole serum contains many other host serum proteins besides the antibody of interest. The amount of anti-CAIN IgG in the antiserum for ab3349 has never been determined. In general terms rabbit serum such as this generally contains 1 to 10 mg/ml of specific IgG. For every application used, optimisation of the antibody dilution will need to be performed but as I starting point I would suggest the following: WB: 1/500 IHC/ICC: 1/50-1/100 ELISA: 1/500 FACS/flow cytometry: 1/500 IP: 1/50-1/100 Unfortunately I do not have any more specific information. If you have any further questions please do not heistate to ask.

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