Question (14836) | Anti-Calcium channel L type DHPR alpha 2 subunit/CACNA2D1 antibody [20A] (ab2864)

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I am undertaking immunohistochemistry work involving conjugating your antibody to quantum dots for imaging L-type Ca channels in the ventricular wall of the heart. I was wondering if you could provide assistance with the following questions: 1) Is your antibody compatible with paraformaldehyde for tissue fixation? 2) To approximately what depth will the antibody penetrate heart tissue (this would be useful for determining section sizes) 3) With regard to secondary Abs, is it possibly to use any anti-IgG2a antibodies or is it advisable to use of the secondaries listed on your website?


Please find the answers to each of your three questions below: (1) We are not aware of this antibody having been used on paraformaldehyde fixed tissues. As you have no doubt seen from the datasheet, it has been used in IHC on frozen sections. (2) I am unable to comment on the depth that the antibody will penetrate heart tissue as this will depend on the precise conditions of your experiment, nature of material used and how the tissue has been prepared (3) Any anti IgG2a secondary will recognise this primary antibody. If you don't have a suitable antibody already in your lab, I'd certainly recommend that you try one of our recommended secondaries.

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