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Inquiry: Hello, I have few questions about the product ab2864 that I have recently ordered from AbCam. These are :- 1. What is the host species used ? 2. If the description is right as its given online then what should be the secondary antibody used for the IHC? 3. In the reference for the product , in one of the pictures submitted by Mr. Carl Hobbs , the discussion says "secondary antibody was biotinylated goat polyclonal " . I am confused with your description ! Can you kindly let me know clearly what kinda secondary is advisable to use against your product. Am eagerly waiting for your response. Regards


Thank you for your enquiry and interest.

This is a Mouse monoclonal [20A] to Calcium channel L type DHPR alpha 2 subunit so the host species of this primary antibody is mouse. The isotype is IgG2a so the compatible secondary antibody should recognize mouse IgG2a. The host species of the secondary antibody can be goat, rabbit, donkey, horse etc. If you wish to use enzyme-based detection system then the secondary antibody can be ALP or HRP-conjugated.

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