Anti PD-L1 [28-8] RabMAb® protocols for automated immunohistochemistry

Our knock-out validated anti-PD-L1 [clone 28-8] has been extensively validated in popular automated IHC platforms.

We have developed detailed protocols that include :

  • Optimized reagents
  • Epitope retrieval
  • Incubation times
  • Antibody concentration
  • Platform's program settings

The protocols are available to download for rapid implementation in your experiment to get the best results.

Automated platforms with validated protocols:

  • Biogenex i6000
  • Leica BOND RX
  • Ventana Ultra
  • Dako Omnis

High specificity anti-PD-L1 [clone 28-8]

The panel aboves shows staining using anti PD-L1 [28-8] RabMAb® antibody (ab205921) on wild type L2987 cells (Left) and PD-L1 knockout (KO) line of L2987 (right). PD-L1 gene was edited in L2987 colorectal cancer cell lines using TALEN constructs targeting exon 4 of human PD-L1. Complete KO was confirmed by deep sequencing.

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To support your specific experiment, we have developed a wide range of reagents using our PD-L1 [clone 28-8] to suit your experiments.

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