Cell death receptor signaling at a glance

Remove interfering proteins from your test samples for a successful experiment.

Many bioassays require removal of protein from samples prior to analysis. Perchloric acid (PCA) precipitation is one of the most extensively used deproteinization protocols since it not only removes most of the protein present in the sample but it also functions to stabilize many of the small molecule analytes.

PCA deproteinization has been successfully used in the preparation of samples prior to quantitation of an array of small molecules, including glycogen, ATP, cAMP, glutathione, antioxidants, etc ...

Download our deproteinization protocol


  • 4M perchloric acid (PCA), ice cold
  • 2M KClO4, ice cold (Neutralizing agent)
  • Microcentrifuge (set at 4°C and previously cooled down)
  • Ice
  • Microcentrifuge tubes

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