Tailored antibodies and services for your immuno-oncology pipeline

A partner throughout your immuno-oncology pipeline. 

rom preclinical to clinical stages, maximize the potential of your drug discovery pipeline with the right tools and continuous support. We will work with you to identify the best antibody product for your needs, and provide it in the format you need for your project – whether you need carrier-free, custom concentrations and sizes, dye conjugation, or a completely new custom antibody.
In addition, get support for your specific protocols with our extensive range of ancillary reagents for IHC, ELISA kits and antibody pairs, and multiplex assays.

From target discovery to IVD, we can support you at every stage through you immuno-oncology research with the right antibody products for your needs. Whether you need a carrier-free or dye conjugated antibody from our catalog, a multiplex assay, or a partner for custom antibody development, we can help.

Our ranges and services

Primary antibodies

A growing catalog of antibodies to immuno-oncology targets. To ensure consistency of supply – and consistency across your results – we have an extensive range of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies validated in relevant applications.

Custom formulations

Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies in the format you need. Our custom formulations services include carrier free, azide free, low endotoxin, custom concentrations, custom sizes. 

Antibody conjugation

Custom conjugation of any of our recombinant antibodies to a range of dyes, including Alexa Fluor® dyes (405, 488, 555, 568, 594, 647, 680, 750, 790), FITC, biotin, and HRP. 

We also have conjugation kits available on our catalog that allow you to quickly and efficiently label your antibody with various enzymatic and fluorescent dyes, including Cy® dye.

ELISA kits

ELISA kits and matched antibody pairs containing the same high-quality monoclonal antibodies that you will find on our catalog. Our ELISA kits are rigorously tested in complex biological samples to provide consistent and specific performance.

SimpleStep ELISA® kits
SimpleStep ELISA kits use a simplified protocol that generates data in just 90 minutes, without compromising on performance. 

Matched antibody pairs
The antibody pairs we use in our SimpleStep ELISA assays are also available separately, allowing you to build and adapt your own ELISA kits. 

Multiplex assays

Our FirePlex® platform allows multiplex detection of cytokine and miRNA analytes. The platform uses fluorescent encoding of hydrogel particles to enable detection of miRNA directly from biofluids without the need for RNA purification and offers flexible and fully customizable panels for miRNA and cytokine quantification. Assay readout is performed on standard flow cytometers, with analysis using free integrated software.

Custom antibodies

If you can’t find the antibody you need on our catalog, our custom antibody service uses three advanced antibody discovery platforms – RabMAb® rabbit monoclonal platform, next-generation sequencing, and phage display – to deliver the antibody you need at speed. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements at immuno.oncology@abcam.com.

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