The VEGF product portfolio

A complete range of reagents for your project to study VEGF, its signaling pathways and angiogenesis.

VEGF and VEGF receptors

Get your project underway with antibodies, recombinant proteins and assay kits to study VEGF receptors and their ligands.

VEGFAVEGF Receptor 1VEGF Receptor 2
AntibodyRabbit monoclonal (ab1316)Rabbit monoclonal (ab32152)Rabbit polyclonal (ab39256)
InhibitorMelittin (ab143517)ZM306416 hydrochloride (ab144576)AZD4547 (ab216311)
Recombinant proteinVEGFA protein (ab9571)VEGF R1 protein (ab84771)VEGF R2 protein (ab106310)
Human ELISA KitVEGF ELISA Kit (ab100663)VEGF R1 ELISA Kit (FLT1) (ab195210)VEGF R2 ELISA Kit (ab213476)

VEGF signaling pathways

Add antibodies, inhibitors and assay kits to your reagents to study VEGF downstream signaling.

Total and phospho antibodies
Rabbit mono to Ras (ab52939)
Rabbit mono to FAK (ab40794)Rabbit mono to AKT1 (ab32505)
Rabbit mono to ERK1+ERK2 (ab184699)Rabbit mono to Paxillin (ab32084)Mouse mono to PI3K (ab86714)
Rabbit mono to ERK1 pT202 +ERK2 pT185 (ab201015)Rabbit mono to Paxillin pY31 (ab32115)Rabbit mono to AKT pS437 (ab81283)
Rabbit mono to PI3K pY607 (ab182651)
Activity and detection kitsRas GTPase ELISA Kit (ab134640)Human FAK ELISA Kit (ab187395)Akt + Akt pS473 ELISA (ab126433)
Mouse FAK Matched Antibody Pair Kit (ab215072)Akt Kinase Activity Assay (ab139436)
Pathway inhibitionp38 inhibtor SB202190 (ab120638)FAK inhibitor 14 (ab144503)Akt inhibitor Akti-1/2 (ab142088)
JNK inhibitor (ab120065)PF-562271 FAK inhibitor (ab141360)TGX-221 PI3K inhibitor (ab120924)


Measure the ability of endothelial cells to from three-dimensional tube-like structures in vitro in less than 18 hours with our In Vitro Angiogenesis Assay Kit (ab204726).

Simultaneously detect up to 60 angiogenesis factors in serum, plasma, other body fluids, cell culture media, cell and tissue lysates, with our human angiogenesis antibody arrays:

Array format (product code)Angiogenesis factors detected



Laser scanner


Membrane (ab193655)43
Membrane (ab134000)20
Membrane (ab169808)23
Slide – Quantitative (ab197419)10
Slide A – Quantitative (ab197420)30
Slide B – Quantitative (ab197421)30
Slide – Quantitative (ab197418)60

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