Question (11804) | Anti-Cannabinoid Receptor I antibody (ab3558)

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Thank you for your email. Have you used protease inhibitors? Also, please make sure that you are not over washing the membrane. If you have purchased the antibody in the past 90 days I can offer you a refund or replacement vial. Please let me know which you would prefer. Answer: Yes, I have used protease inhibitor (Sigma). I do not think I over washed the member. I washed the membrane just 10 min -3 times. I bought this antibody last month. I prefer a replacement vial (CB1 receptor antibody, but different lot # from my last one 94154). My Address is:


There have been no previously reported problems with this particulat lot. It is a possibility that the antibody became defective during shipment. We will send you a replacement vial free of charge, please let me know how it works out for you.

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