Question (25609) | Anti-Carboxymethyl Lysine antibody [CMS-10] (ab30922)

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I need a deeper explanation; I need to performe an ELISA experiment testing the presence of CML. Which of the two clones would you suggest me to buy? Thanks in advance,


I'm sorry I was not clearer in my explanation. Both ab30917 and ab30922 should be suitable for you experiment. The reason why we sometimes have what seems to be duplicates within our catalogue is that in order to make sure we have a continuous supply of an antibody which we outsouce, we also supply a back up, in case one of the suppliers is unable to continue providing us with the antibody. So if we are unable to continue selling ab30917 we would be able to provide ab30922 for our customers and vice versa. I hope this explanation helps. I wish you well in your experiments. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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