Question (47150) | Caspase-3 Assay Kit (Colorimetric) (ab39401)

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I order your ab39401 caspase 3 assay kit.
In the kit the is a dilution buffer, but in the protocol the dilution
buffer is not mentioned.
I suppose it is to dilute lysate protein in step 7 (page 6 in
instruction for use)? Or there is any function for this buffer? Thank


The dilution buffer is used in case you do not have a plate reader an need to read the concentration manually in a cuvette: Step10. "Read samples at 400 or 405 nm in a microtiter plate reader, or
spectrophotometer using a 100 μl micro-quartz cuvette, or dilute
sample to 1 ml with Dilution Buffer and using regular cuvette."

In step 7, you are correct, the protein amount in the samples is measured and than adjusted with the lysis buffer for the assay.

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